Sunday, 15 January 2012

Important matters coming up for hearing in the Supreme Court on 16.01.2012

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As I informed all of you that our website Spread Law is undergoing some changes, I am putting this information on my blog.


Sumit Nagpal

Court1/29 (PIL) Safai Karamachari Andolan.
Court 3/52 ( PIL) Sarla Parekh v/s Union of India
Court 3/71 196/2001 PUCL v/s Union of India (Night shelter issue)
Court 3/73 ( PIL) Wasim Ahmad Saeed v/s  Union of India 
Court 5/5 Sukhram v/s CBI.(Telecom Scam)
Court 5/6 ( PIL) Bharat Jhunjhunwala v/s Central Electricity Authority
Court 6/31 (SLP fresh) Surat Singh v/s Union of India
Court 6/63. ( PIL fresh) Manjit singh v/s  Union of India 
Court 7/50 ( PIL fresh) Manohar Lal sharma v/s CBI
Court 9/15 ( PIL Fresh) L.k. Venkat v/s  Union of India
Court 10/26 (SLP fresh) M. K. Azhagiri v/s A.Lazar.
Court 10/204 CBI v/s Afzal Ansari.
Court 10/67. (pil) Anil Gupta v/s Union of India
Court 13/301. (2 pm) Ramlila Maidan issue.

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