Wednesday 14 December 2011

Spread Law is now a website. Please visit

Here we come

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of . The journey of Spread Law started on 16.09.2011 when I started a blog to spread legal awareness in India. The blog was an instant hit as people wanted to know more and more about legal news and legal issues. Someone wanted to know the happenings in the court and someone was looking for legal guidance.

I started to write blogs on law, just to make it simpler for a layman to understand what is going on in the courts and what are the legal implications of a particular step of the government? Gradually I started getting more queries. Some of my online friends were looking for legal guidance. I wrote an article on Law on FIR. I also wrote an article on Law on bail. I realized that the more I wrote, the more my friends wanted to know. And within two months of the launch, Spread Law got twenty thousand hits worldwide.

My friends were quite impressed with the performance of the blog and many of them suggested that I should start a full fledged website on legal awareness. When I thought about the idea seriously, I realized that there is not a single website in India which bridges the gap between law and a layman. Most of the websites promised legal aid but not a single one has tried to put an effort to make people understand about legal issues.
And finally I decided to convert my blog into a website. When you have a first look on the site, you may notice certain deficiencies but friends just have some patience as the site has just started, there are many issues which we are working on. Many features have to be added, design has to be improved and many things have to be done. Still if you feel there is something which needs immediate attention, feel free to write to me.

What do I intend to do?

One of the main objectives of this website is to spread legal awareness in India. Me and my friends will try our best to make it simple for each one of you to understand the complex legal issues. We shall also write articles on various subjects so if you ever get into a legal issue, you get a full understanding of the subject before you visit a lawyer.

How can you contribute?

Right now I look forward to support from each one of you. I am not looking for any funds at this point of time and I am funding on my own. The only support I look from you is to spread a word about this website. I would also request you to make this website your homepage so we get more and more hits in the days to come. I promise to each one of you that if this website becomes a hit, I would be able to help thousands of people who are suffering just because they are ignorant about their legal rights. I would try to help as many people as I can.
With these words, I seek the blessings of my seniors and good wishes of my friends and juniors to make a great success.
Sumit Nagpal,