Monday, 21 November 2011

SC poses tough questions to Delhi Police in Ramlila Maidan incident case

The Supreme Court has asked Delhi Police to explain whether the use of force was justified? What were the circumstance which led to the action and why the police could not wait till the morning to ask the people to leave the venue?

The court also wanted to know when was the decision to revoke the permission granted to Baba Ramdev was taken by Delhi Police and whether the order issued under section 144 confirms to the conditions laid down under the section.

Earlier in the day, Ram Jethmalani blamed Home Minister P Chidambaram for trying to crush the rights of the ordinery people to protest peacefully. ''...Are we living under dictatorship or a Nazi rule that Baba Ramdev shall not be allowed to carry out his protest and will not be allowed to stay in Delhi?..'' roared Jethmalani.

After Jethmalani concluded his arguments, Senior Advocate U U Lalit started the arguments on behalf of Delhi police. Matter has been adjourned to coming Friday.

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