Sunday 13 November 2011

Important matters coming up for hearing in Supreme Court on 14.11.2011

Court 1/33 (fresh PIL) All India Road Network Users v/s Union of India.
Court 1/34 (fresh PIL) Common Cause
Court 1/35 Democratic Youth Federation v/s Union of India
Court 2/46 (PIL) Mahendra Singh Adil v/s Ministry of Home
Court 3/301 (2pm) Bachpan Bachao Andolan v/s Union of India
Court 6/38 Times Global Broadcast v/s Justice P.V. Sawant.
Court 7/5 (PIL) Shakti Vahini v/s Union of India
Court 7/202 Javed Akhter v/s State of Gujarat
Court 11/4 Consumer online foundation
Court 11/42 Swami Agnivesh v/s State of Haryana
Court 13/301 (2pm) Ramlila Maidan Incident

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