Tuesday 1 November 2011

Supreme Court warns newspapers of misreporting proceedings of 2G case

Supreme Court expressed deep anguish on misreporting of 2G case bail proceedings by print media without naming a particular big English language newspaper.

Yesterday the court had just asked the CBI to tell if the agency had said in the lower court that they had no objection to the grant of bail to five accused in 2G scam. But the papers reported that SC had asked why the agency had taken two different stands on 2G bail.

Warning the papers to report in a proper manner, Justice G S Singvi observed that they are in serious trouble and we are heading towards that.

Justice Singvi also mentioned in his order that the misreporting of the Supreme Court proceedings should not influence the lower court judge in any way while deciding the bail of the accused in 2G scam.

The CBI also infored that the agency did not oppose the bail of five of the accused as they have been charged with different sections. Justice Singhvi said that no one can question the right of the investigating agency and the public prosecutor on their decision on this.

The bench is hearing the bail applications of five corporates accused in 2G scam and the court has reserved the judgment in this case.

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