Friday, 21 October 2011

Legal Point Diwali special

Have you ever thought what do you do if you are hurt by a firecracker of a neighbor? What is the remedy available under law if something in your balcony gets burnt by a group of negligent people who are shooting rockets near your house? What do you if you are troubled with noise pollution in your neighborhood as people are bursting crackers beyond the permissible limit? 

All your answers in this week's Legal Point To see our show Legal Point online please tune to every Saturday  @2.30 pm on India News Bihar nd @3.30pm on India News Haryana. Write to us at ..Will take ur call in our show.. #LegalPoint

Team Legal Point takes a specific issue every week and we try to tell the law relating to it. In addition, we take live questions from callers as we have a lawyer sitting in the studio who tries to guide people online what are their rights and what they need to do in case they face any legal problem

And yes! We would love to know your opinion. Feel free to leave a comment on the comments section about what you feel about Spread Law and what additional information you would like to see on this blog.

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