Friday, 23 September 2011

Dear All.. I miss you!!

A lovely morning of Monday, few matters in the Supreme Court and I am free. I will move towards the gate. As I am on the way, I will see a person with a cattle and few plastic cups coming towards me. He knows I never take tea from him but he will ask me ''sir chai logey??'' I will again say no! He will move on and I will move afterwards!

On the way, I will see some of my fellow journalists! All of them are going to the Gate C where our Paan wallah sits! They are going there to smoke and I will go to along to have fruit chaat. I have seen the duo of paanwallah and chatwallah for years. The chatwallah will charge more than what you think is proper! Still you have to pay! Its his monoply! And the time passes

All of us come back inside the Supreme Court building. On the way back, a cobbler meets me and asks if I want to get my shoes polished? I will say no.. I know if I say yes, he will charge me 50 rupees! Surprised? He does that with Senior Advocates who come in big luxury cars and 50 rupees is just like peanuts for them.

I will come back inside the court complex. I will sit in the press lounge. Its not a press lounge but a mini Parliament. So many journalists, eveyone having his own point of view! Everyone has a Neta inside him. Everyone wants others to listen but not himself.

Finally 4 pm. The court is over! Everyone is leaving! So will I!! I will go outside the court building. We will go across the road. I will see a Bengali aunty. She has a tea stall! She is a lady of principles. She will charge just one rupee more than the MRP. You may be an advocate knowing law but you have to pay that extra one rupee as not paying will amount to infringement of her fundamental right.

But then comes the blasts in Delhi High Court. Home minister directs Delhi Police to provide more security. And the scenario changes.

Now I come to Supreme Court every day. I see police wallahs everywhere. I dont see paan wallah, chaat wallah and wonder where is our ''one rupee more'' aunty. The polish wallah guy has vanished somewhere and the chaiwallah is not seen in the lawns now.

The reporters have nowhere to go for smoke. And I cant have fruits the day I go for detox. I miss everyone. May be fruitwallah nd aunty charged more. But they were part of my daily life.

Dear All.. I miss you!!

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