Thursday, 22 September 2011

Govt wants Supreme Court to discontinue monitoring 2G probe

The Central Govt today told the #SupremeCourt to discontinue the monitoring of 2G case.  While arguing for the government senior advocate P P Rao said that there is no need for the #Supreme Court to monitor this case after the chargesheet has been filed! The court on the other hand put government on a very tricky situation. A bench of Justice G S Singhvi and Justice A K Ganguli asked senior advocate P P Rao, who is representing the central government, that why the trend of court monitored investigations started in India?  Justice Singhvi observed ''...why the concept of court monitoring investogation started? Till the Vinit Narayan's case, we never heard of it. This concept started because of wide spread malice! Isn't it? These type of cases were never there in the past. Law is evolving...'' Adding to what Justice Singvi said, Justice A K Ganguly further observed ''... You talk of Laxmanrekh, if Sita would not have crossed the Laxmanrekha, the demon would not have been killed! Laxmanrekha is not sacrosanct...'' Justice Singhvi further said, the investigation is not closed in the matter. The investigation is very much on. ''..Investigation going in the foreign country has a direct link with what has been already investigated. The money had been used for getting the LOIs. The question is if there is further will.. '' the bench observed. The CBI however asked the #SupremeCourt to continue monitoring the case! The CBI also said that the finance ministry had no role to play in spectrum cancellation! Matter has been adjourned to Tuesday.

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