Monday, 19 September 2011

Speech of Justice Markandey Katju on retirement on 19.09.2011

My Lord, the Chief Justice, my brother Judges, Mr. Attorney General, Mr. President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, other office bearers of the Bar Association, learned members of the bar, members of the Registry of this Court, ladies and gentlemen,

I wish to thank you all for giving me this touching farewell, and the good words you have said about me. I am particularly beholden to the representatives of the bar, the learned Attorney General and the President of the Bar Association for I do believe that a tribute coming from the bar is the highest reward a Judge can aspire for.

I wish to thank My Lord the Chief Justice of India and my brother and sister Judges for their kindness. I thank my personal staff for the great help they gave me, Mr. Monoj Sen, my Private Secretary, and Mr. Sunil Narang and Mr. Deepak Joshi, my Personal Assistants. I also wish to thank my Court Masters, Mrs. Indu Satija, Mr. Parveen Chawla and Mr. Rajesh Dham. I also thank all the officers and supporting staff of the Protocol Section and other officers and staff of the Registry for their good service. I also thank my domestic staff, who were always loyal and of great help to me and my wife.
As regards my performance as a Judge, that is for others to decide. All I can say is that I always tried to do my duty sincerely and honestly.

It was a great privilege for me to serve in this august institution. I am sure that this court will continue serving the country honourably in the role assigned to it by the Constitution.
Thank you,
(Markandey Katju)

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