Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Raja demands recall of Supreme Court order putting an embargo on bail

In the much hyped hearing of 2G case in Supreme Court, the counsel for A Raja cried foul over the flip flop by CBI in 2G scam. Appearing for Raja, his counsel Sushil Kumar wanted to know if the investigation in the 2G case is over or not?

Reacting to CBI's ivestigation in 2G scam Sushil Kumar argued ''...if investigation is still going on, how can the trial go on? There is an embargo on bail, what do we do?..'' Kumar argued in such a scenario, the Supreme Court should recall its earlier order where it said that no bail would be granted to any accused till the charges are framed in the lower court.

On this Justice Singhvi said that we shall consider this point at an appropriate stage. But Kumar again asked what should he do? Justice Singhvi said ''..Mr.Kumar, you are an intelligent lawyer. We have given you a hint, now its on you to take the hint...''

During the arguments Subramanium Swamy reiterated that P Chidambaram was party to the meetings on spectrum pricing and his role should be investigated by CBI.

Swamy went on to say that there are a large number of documents which have not been considered by the CBI.

To this the bench referred to the government's response where government said that the new documents filed before this court for the first time will naturally be studied and considered by the CBI as usual and may be covered in the next status report.

CBI counsel KK Venugopal objected to it saying ''...CBI is an autonomous body independent of the government...''

The hearing shall continue tomorrow!

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