Wednesday, 21 September 2011

TRAI report on 2G scam surprises Supreme Court

Supreme Court expresses surprise over TRAI report which purportedly assessed zero loss in the 2G spectrum allocation.

During the hearing Justice Singhvi observed ''...CBI has indicated that the loss is less than what the CAG has calculated. Even that loss has been contested. We are really surprised over this communication (What TRAI wrote to CBI) sent by a regulatory body appointed by the act of Parliament. The communication is seriously debatable! Everything shud be left to the court to decide...''

CBI's counsel on the other hand said ''...We have not accepted. It is true that everybody is taking advantage of it...''

Justice Singhvi further observed ''...People should not take it lightly! Let the system work on its own! We reserve our comments because it may prejudice the parties...''

During the hearing CBI counsel KK Venugopal continued to maintain that the investigation in the case is over and now there is no need to order a fresh probe against Chidambaram

KKV further argued that according to CrPC, the lower court is competent to summon Chidambaram if its of such opinion that his role should be looked into.

The hearing has some lighter moments! CBI's counsel KK Venugopal said that Subramanium Swamy has been filing many cases in the public interest. Swamy is more than a lawyer.

Subramanium Swamy was quick to react saying KK Venugopal always appear for the accused sayinf Venugopal even appeared for Jayalalitha.

There can be more trouble for Chidambaram as Swamy has also submitted before the Supreme Court a letter by Ministry of Finance to PM which said A Raja and P Chidambaram together decided 2G prices.

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  1. Neither the letter nor the contents therein are denied by the Ministry of Finance,and if "A Raja and P Chidambaram together decided 2G prices", in such event P Chidambaram is equally guilty. As such, P Chidambaram had played a vital role in the 2G case. Now the irony of the situation is that Mr. A Raja is behind the bars of Tihar Jail since the month of May, 2011 but Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Law Minister of the Govt. of India is sheilding P Chidambaram. This action of the govt. is highly illegal, biased and unjustifiable from any point of view. It seems that Govt. Of India is not sincere in its conviction and the present Law Minister and the Prime Minister might have forget the contents of the OATH PAGE before assuming their respective offices.